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  • Ministry of Energy invites to join mechanism of demand aggregation and joint purchasing, established by the European Commission within the EU Energy Platform
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 19 April 2023 17:48

    The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine invites everyone to join the demand aggregation and joint purchasing service (AggregateEU) established by the European Commission under the EU Energy Platform.

    This mechanism operates on the basis of Regulation (EU) 2022/2576 and provides for the creation of an information system where business entities interested in purchasing natural gas can enter data on their demand for the next 12 months (starting from July 2023), and these applications will be subsequently compared with offers for sale from natural gas sellers within the framework of monthly tenders.

    However, the submission of bids and offers is not binding, and both buyers and sellers may withdraw from the transaction at any time. At the same time, the European Commission expects that this mechanism will attract additional supply volumes from gas sellers from other countries.

    It should be noted that the AggregateEU mechanism is open for participation by Ukrainian gas market players.

    As of today, the information system for the AggregateEU mechanism has already been created by PRISMA, a provider of IT services for energy markets. As the first tender will be held in May 2023, the European Commission recommends that interested participants register by mid-April 2023. Details are available on the Ministry of Energy website.

    More information on AggregateEU activities is available here.

    We look forward to the active involvement of Ukrainian natural gas market players in this important EU initiative to ensure conditions for stable and reliable energy supplies in the next heating season.