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  • Almost 4,500 Ukrainians who arrived to the border without private transport have been delivered to Ukraine within 24 hours
    Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, posted 18 March 2020 10:29

    The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is constantly monitoring the situation at the state border, as well as engaged in activities on returning back home - those Ukrainian citizens who arrived to the border without individual vehicles.

    For this purpose, the Border Service has maintained work with the local authorities of Ukraine to use their vehicles for transportation.

    Therefore, during 24 hours (March 17-18) in Volyn, Lviv and Zakarpattia regions, border guards ensured conveyance of almost 4,500 our compatriots to Ukraine. Transportation services were carried out through the following checkpoints: "Yagodyn-auto" (Volyn region), "Rava-Ruska" and "Krakowiec" (Lviv region), "Uzhgorod", "Tysa", "Vylok" (Zakarpattia region).

    In total, from 00.00 on March 16, almost 7,200 our compatriots have been returned home.

    This work will be prolonged. Border guards, within the limits of the given powers, will do everything possible to ensure the return of our citizens to their homes and carry border procedures at any time of day and night at the state border.