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  • Forest in smartphone: State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine launches a pilot e-registry of permits for wood production
    State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine, posted 17 October 2019 11:52

    What is the purpose?

    “This is a register of permits that give the right to carry out activities to conduct timber operations. The cutting ticket registry covers the entire territory of Ukraine. We have collected all the data in one database and started to improve the access for the public,” said Viktor Melnychenko, Director-General of the State Forestry Innovation and Analytical Center (LIAC) within the responsibility of the State Forest Resources Agency.

    What has been achieved?

    As of October 16, the registry contains information on 27,000 issued permits for timber harvesting.

    An online map of the cutting has been launched, which also operates in pilot mode and covers three regions - Chernihiv, Poltava, Rivne.

    “Currently, we are working on a system of graphic display of harvesting sites on the map of Ukraine in three pilot regions. It’s been a month since we started downloading maps. We are currently resolving a number of technical issues. By the end of the year, we are planning to extend the project to the entire territory of Ukraine for forestry enterprises that are within the scope of management by the State Agency of Forest Resources,” said Viktor Melnychenko.

    How it works? 

    Anyone can enter LK.UKRFOREST.COM website from a computer or smartphone to see a list of cutting permits for timber harvesting or to check whether the cutting is legal on the map.

    The register contains a number of options, in particular, one can select the required area, forestry enterprise, forestry area, system and type of cutting, their status and period of work.

    If you see timber harvesting while strolling through the forest, you can enter LK.UKRFOREST.COM website and choose MAP option. The location setting should be enabled, then you can see your geographic location and consult the information about the harvesting permit.

    * Currently data on Chernihiv, Poltava, Rivne regions are available

    If there is no logging permit on the map, but you can observe activities on the workpiece in the forest, you need to either contact the forestry enterprise responsible for this particular area and report the cutting activities not shown on the map or to call the police number 102. 

    Future plans?

    The plans include to launch a register of logging permits for the industrial collection of berries, mushrooms, honey, medicinal herbs, which sees the final stage of development.

    The main task is to make the website more available and informative for viewing logging tickets of all forestry enterprises that are within the scope of supervision of the State Forest Resources Agency.

    After consideration and adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a number of legislative initiatives, it will be possible to extend the system of electronic accounting of timber, registry of logging permits, online logging map regarding all permanent forest users, who also carry out wood production activities, regardless of the responsible agency. That is, to cover the whole territory of Ukraine.


    A logging ticket is permission to harvest wood and contains information about the location and volume of the workpiece. The document is issued by the regional forestry and hunting departments.

    The total forest area of Ukraine is about 10.4 million hectares. The forest cover of the country is 15.9%.

    Some 7.6 million ha of forests are within the supervision of the State Forest Resources Agency (73% of the Forest Fund of Ukraine).