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  • Content platform, advice from psychologists, chatbot - MES and UNICEF in Ukraine launch NUMO campaign on the importance of preschool development
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 16 November 2020 11:43

    Ministry of Education and Science together with UNICEF Ukraine launch NUMO campaign on the importance of preschool development. The campaign will help parents understand the need for high-quality preschool education, build effective communication with kindergartens and help develop children's skills.

    "The development of quality and affordable preschool education is very important. This is especially relevant in the context of the New Ukrainian School (NUS): preschool education should be synchronized with the NUS reform and prepare children for school and life at the maximum. Parents should also understand that they affect their children's development during this period. Thanks to our UNICEF partners in Ukraine, special tools have been developed within the NUMO campaign to help harmonize the development of preschoolers and prepare them for school. After all, the result of efficient preschool education is the readiness of the child for further stages of life associated with the acquisition of new knowledge and the formation of skills and abilities," said the acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhii Shkarlet.

    The NUMO campaign will help parents better understand the importance of quality child learning, the concept of soft skills, methodologies and practices for developing soft skills and hard skills.

    The content platform will provide specific techniques, exercises for the development of certain skills, information on harmonious communication with the child and materials for the development of skills of compliance with sanitary rules and distance.

    "Our attitude to ourselves and the world, a sense of security, trust, prerequisites for future adult relationships, future educational activities and careers are formed in preschool age. The task of adults is to create an enriched environment for the child, in which not only the basic needs of the child would be met, but also there would be enough incentives to which the child responds, where the child in safe environment would be able to explore himself/herself and his/her capabilities, motivation and diversity," said Lotta Sylwander, Head of the UNICEF Office in Ukraine.

    The platform acts as an assistant for parents of children aged 3-6 and solves the problem of finding a specific method for a specific situation of preschool child development. Numo_bot will send clear and understandable exercises on how to develop this or that skill in a preschooler.

    A team of specialists in the field of psychology and pedagogy, trusted by parents of preschoolers, in particular, Svitlana Roiz and the All-Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, is working on the formulation of professional advice.

    In the framework of the campaign, there has been created a series of videos and posters, the key goal of which is to raise awareness of parents/guardians about the skills that a preschool child should have, those that are extremely important for his/her harmonious development, as well as their importance in the child's happiness.