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  • Ukraine Investment Framework Steering Board approves terms of operation of the investment component of the Ukraine Facility
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 22 April 2024 12:05

    The first meeting of the Ukraine Investment Framework (UIF) Steering Board has taken place, approving the rules of procedure and Strategic Guidelines for the investment component of the EU's Ukraine Facility program. The signing of the first investment programs under the UIF is scheduled for the Ukraine Recovery Conference to be held on June 11-12, 2024 in Berlin.

    "The Ukraine Investment Framework will give businesses access to financing from international financial organizations and Ukrainian banks, which will be supported by the EU. This can include guarantees, mixed financing from loans and grants, as well as technical assistance in preparing applications and finalizing projects. To achieve the goals of the Ukraine Facility, both existing programs will be expanded and new ones will be launched. The first ones will be presented at the conference on Ukraine's recovery in June this year," said Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Volodymyr Kuzio.

    The second component of the Ukraine Facility, the Ukraine Investment Framework (UIF), aims to mobilize investments for Ukraine's economic recovery and development. Under the Ukraine Facility, the EU will provide EUR 6.97 billion to finance the UIF, of which EUR 5.46 billion will be allocated to establish the Ukraine Guarantee and EUR 1.5 billion will be earmarked for blended finance operations, grants and technical assistance. Support under the UIF will be available for both private and public investment projects.

    The Ukrainian guarantee will be a special risk-sharing instrument created due to the scale of investments in the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, which involves significant risks. The total amount of the guarantee will be EUR 7.8 billion, including other donors' financing contributions, which will increase the total budget of the program.

    Thus, taking into account the expanded financing of the Ukrainian Guarantee, the total volume of the Ukraine Investment Framework will amount to EUR 9.3 billion. Over the next few years, the implementation of the Ukraine Investment Framework is expected to attract up to EUR 40 billion in public and private investment.

    The UIF will be managed by the Ukraine Investment Framework Steering Board, a special body established for the strategic and operational management of the program's resources.

    The Steering Board of the Ukraine Investment Framework includes representatives of the European Commission and each EU member state. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Government may participate in the work of the Board as observers.

    In the future, the Steering Board of the Ukraine Investment Framework will approve transactions under the UIF on the basis of individual projects (guarantees and financing) or on the basis of a portfolio of projects, as well as ensure their compliance with the Ukraine Facility Implementation Plan.

    The adoption of the Ukraine Investment Framework's Rules of Procedure and Strategic Guidelines will allow the launch of financing under the Ukraine Investment Framework this year.

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