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  • Iryna Friz answered the most burning issues of veterans
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 28 March 2019 10:03

    During a meeting with veterans at the Veteran Hab Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Iryna Friz introduced her deputies Oxana Havrylyuk and Olexandr Tereshchenko and called on attendees to join the team of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, to follow up on information on contests for positions that will be shortly announced.

    The Minister also talked about a new project that will soon be launched in Cherkasy region and about the creation of a public council under the Ministry.

    "Today, the regulations of the public council were signed. The chairman of the council Dmitro Shatrovsky informed about election of a new secretary and  creation of 5 working groups that will be responsible for different directions," Iryna Friz stressed.

    During the meeting, the representative of the Veterans Council Anton Columbet spoke about the council's activities, the current "Municipal Guard" project which is now actively developing and invited veterans to join the work.

    Internally displaced persons from Donetsk and  Crimea also aired a large number of questions. "Active work is being carried out regarding the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers №280. Additional financing can be allocated at the expense of the balance of funds from the confiscated property. At the moment, the draft resolution is under consideration, but I hope that it will be adopted soon," the Minister emphasized.

    Apart from that, ATO participants and internally displaced persons voiced many questions concerning psychosocial adaptation, including those who were captured. "These issues will be taken into account during development of rehabilitation and adaptation programs," Iryna Friz underscored.