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  • Information on the incidence of COVID-19 and vaccination campaigns
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 11 October 2022 10:25

    We continue informing about the incidence of COVID-19 and vaccination campaigns.

    For the period from 3.10 to 09.10 in Ukraine:

    • 36,413 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease were recorded (of which 4,194 were children, 832 were medical workers);

    • 151,376 people were vaccinated against COVID-19. During the reporting week, 10.2% of all vaccinations fall into first doses, 5.2% - second doses, 74.4% - first booster doses, and 10.2% - second booster doses.

    Also, for the past week there were recorded:

    • hospitalized – 6,162 persons,

    • died – 208,

    • recovered - 37,238.

    Throughout the entire pandemic in Ukraine:

    • contracted the virus – 5,256,432 people,

    • recovered – 5,060,861,

    • fatal cases – 109,616,

    • 32,379,745 tests were conducted (by PCR and express methods).

    Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, 16,141,677 people have been vaccinated, of which 15,335,358 people received two doses, 2,437,687 people received the first booster dose, and 61,332 people received the second booster dose.

    It is important to note that about 800,000 people did not receive the second dose, and about 13.2 million - the first booster dose.

    That is why we remind you of the need to protect yourself against the traditional increase in the number of cases of the disease. After all, vaccination is the only effective way to reduce the risks of hospitalization and death due to the coronavirus disease.