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  • German Galushchenko at a meeting of the G7+ Coordination Group: We must maximise generation capacity by next winter
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 22 April 2024 18:42

    Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko took part in a regular high-level meeting of the G7+ Coordination Group to support Ukraine's energy sector. The online meeting was chaired by Geoffrey Pyatt, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources and attended by representatives of the G7+ member states, the European Commission, the Energy Community, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
    German Galushchenko noted that, where possible, Ukrainian energy companies are already carrying out restorative repairs at facilities damaged by massive russian attacks. In this context, the Minister addressed the participants of the meeting with a proposal to consider the possibility of transferring used power equipment to Ukraine. After all, the production of new equipment takes considerable time, and the need for restoration is urgent. 
    "Along with the repairs, we plan to increase generation capacity. This is a matter of our survival next winter. Therefore, we are already working to increase the capacity of distributed generation, which will allow us to balance the system," the Minister said. 
    Apart from that, German Galushchenko emphasised the need to increase renewable generation capacity, in particular at the household level, which can play an important role in balancing the system in the summer.
    Geoffrey Pyatt thanked Ukrainian power engineers for their work to restore the power system in difficult conditions. The Deputy Secretary of State also stressed that the US will continue to support Ukraine and its energy sector, noting that the recent decision of the Congress to provide assistance to Ukraine was a strong indication of this intention.
    Among other things, the meetings participants discussed Ukraine's need to increase its capacity to import electricity from European countries and the importance of replenishing the Ukraine Energy Support Fund to purchase energy equipment. 
    The representative of Italy, which holds the G7 presidency, noted that last week the Group of Seven members had adopted a declaration reaffirming their intention to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight against russian aggression, including by providing assistance to the energy sector.
    During the meeting, South Korea joined the Coordination Group for the first time, and its representative noted that the country's government was already studying possible areas of assistance to the Ukrainian energy sector and expressed readiness to coordinate the relevant work at the G7+ level.