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  • Swiss Investment Fund is eyeing prospects for investing in Ukrainian projects

    The investment attractiveness of Ukraine's energy efficiency and green energy sectors are in the focus of attention of the Swiss Investment Fund's responsAbility Investments AG.

    The Fund grants credits and attracts investment to small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. Since its founding in 2003 the Fund has provided funding to the tune of USD 9 billion to more than 500 companies in 90 countries.

    In the course of a meeting Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Serhii Savchuk drew attention to the UAMAP Investment Interactive Card that encapsulates more than 100 potential projects in various clean energy sectors worth more than EUR 4 billion.

    The parties also discussed in depth issues related to peculiarities of implementation of green projects in the framework of auctions, benefits of investing in energy services, prospects for waste-to-energy projects, cogeneration from alternative fuels and development of liquid biofuels.