Prime Minister of Ukraine paid tribute to Levko Lukyanenko
Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 10 July 2018 11:45

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman took part in a mournful ceremony to pay tribute to the prominent Ukrainian politician and public figure Levko Lukyanenko. The Head of Government stressed that Levko Hrygorovych had made a difficult life journey and become an example of struggle, unconquerable spirit and defending his beliefs.

"This morning I was reading his book. He is a great fighter and has led a life of an activist. He was born on the day that later became the Independence Day of Ukraine, and it is also a sign. He had paved a great path", said Volodymyr Groysman. "He made it his crusade to create an Independent Ukraine. For this, he had been in prison for over 26 years... It's a horribly difficult life. But he is a leader with indomitable spirit, an example to follow."