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  • Power engineers keep their section of the front and will win just like the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the frontline, says German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 22 December 2022 13:45

    The country's power engineers hold the energy front in the fight against the enemy and will win it just like the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the frontline.

    Such a conviction was expressed by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko on the air of the national telethon Yedyni Novyny (United News - ed.).

    The Minister stressed that starting from October 10, the Ukrainian energy system had been subjected to daily attacks: sometimes they are massive - when russia launches 70-100 missiles at power facilities in one day, on other days the attacks are less intense and are made locally.

    "But we have been keeping the power system for the third month in conditions of daily shelling. russians will not succeed," he stressed.

    German Galushchenko emphasized that during meetings with energy ministers of other countries, his colleagues expressed their admiration for the way Ukrainians were holding the energy front in the face of such fierce attacks from the enemy.

    "The issue of our resilience is not even in technology. Indeed, technology is important. But behind every piece of equipment there is a person with his/her decisions, with his/her hard work and sometimes ingenuity in terms of how to reconnect, how to give people electricity faster," the Minister noted.

    He stressed that all power engineers are working to return light and heat to the homes of Ukrainians as soon as possible - both at generation facilities and distribution and transmission systems.

    "We will continue to work 24/7. We feel that this is our section of the front, which we must maintain and win, just as our Armed Forces will win at the front," the Minister stressed.

    German Galushchenko urged Ukrainians to trust power engineers and help to keep the energy front, continuing to save electricity.

    "I understand that today many people have electricity only during limited hours. But even during these hours, it is also important, if possible, to save as much as possible. Because it also affects other consumers who may be disconnected during these hours in turn. We have 100 days left to go, it will be the end of the heating season. And we are confident that we will withstand this period," the Minister said.