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  • Russia is trying to use the OSCE platform for a hybrid war, says Emine Dzhaparova
    Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, posted 13 September 2018 15:38

    On September 11, 2018, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova spoke at the  Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) of OSCE in Warsaw, Poland.

    The First Deputy Minister of Information Policy reminded of the persecution of independent journalists and bloggers in the occupied Crimea and the use of the controlled media for propaganda and misinformation. "Numerous international resolutions, decisions of the International Court of Justice can’t force Kremlin to adhere to international law and stop the violation of human rights in the occupied Ukrainian territories," she emphasized.

    Emine Dzhaparova drew attention to the fact that Russia’s propaganda machine is trying to use even the OSCE HDIM platform for hybrid war. "When the platform is used improperly by non-governmental organizations sponsored by the former Ukrainian ousted ministers  to promote the pro-Kremlin voices, we must call it a hybrid war in which democratic instruments are used against democracies, and freedom of speech becomes a freedom of lie or a selective truth," she claimed.

    It should be noted that the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) of OSCE participating States was kicked off in Warsaw, on September 10. Nearly, 1.500 representatives of governments and civil society of OSCE member-states and partner countries take part in the conference.

    The aim of the meeting is to take stock of the implementation of OSCE human dimension commitments, democracy, tolerance and the fight against discrimination. In addition, issues related to freedom of the media, the rights of migrants, the elimination of racism and xenophobia are also touched upon.