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  • National Health Service: Sick leave e-certificates will be introduced in all medical institutions of the country
    National Health Service of Ukraine, posted 11 June 2021 10:03

    The process of confirming temporary disability will become more transparent and convenient for patients, employers, physicians and social workers.

    Medical institutions in Ukraine have begun to switch to a new process of forming sick leave e-certificates. The gradual transition began on June 4 and will last until September 1. After September 1, the creation of electronic sick leave of temporary disability, as the basis for an electronic certificate of incapacity for work, will be mandatory for all medical institutions that have a license to practice medicine. Regardless of whether the institution has a contract with the National Health Service of Ukraine.

    The introduction of sick leave e-certificates on temporary disability is an important step in the digital transformation of the healthcare system. And also - in shaping an effective electronic document management system. The introduction of a medical certificate of temporary incapacity for work will increase the controllability of the process of certification of incapacity for work and will significantly save budget funds. After all, it reduces corruption risks in the issuance of unjustified sick leave and simplifies the receipt of insurance benefits.

    Patients will no longer have to take a paper sick leave certificate to record the fact of temporary incapacity. And employers will see the necessary information that their employees were unable to work in a personal electronic account on the portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

    For doctors, this will reduce the amount of paperwork. After all, the medical and financial process is now divided. The doctor deals only with the medical part and does not fill in any administrative information about the employer. All necessary data is added automatically.

    Thus, the process of confirmation of temporary disability is automated and becomes more transparent and convenient for patients, employers, physicians and social workers.

    The first sick leave e-certificates were issued on June 4. How the transition takes place depends on the technical capacity of a particular medical institution. If the medical information system used by the medical institution has successfully tested the functionality of electronic medical reports on temporary incapacity, the medical institution is obliged to use this functionality. That is, the institution is completely switching to electronic hospital and no longer needed to create paper sick leave.