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  • UN experts to hold research of innovation sector of Ukraine and provide recommendations
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 23 May 2019 11:33

    How to stimulate innovation activity and increase the efficiency of the national innovation system - UN experts will conduct research of the innovation sector of Ukraine and give recommendations. This was stated during a meeting of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) delegation with the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science.

    The study will be conducted within the framework of an overview of the innovative policies of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. It will consist of 6 stages: a thorough evaluation and consultations on innovation policy, analysis of the obtained data, publication of results, etc.

    A special questionnaire was created for the study with the help of which experts will assess the institutional component of the management of innovation, innovation policy tools and innovation processes. A total of 50 indicators will be reviewed.

    Within the framework of the visit to Ukraine, UN experts have already explained to the representatives of universities and research institutions the algorithm of filling the questionnaire.

    "The study is of great importance, as the preliminary review of Ukraine's innovation development was conducted by UNECE in 2012, and the results were published in 2013. For over 5 years a lot has changed. And this study will help us to update the information, critically evaluate the implementation of the previous recommendations, as well as identify problems that hamper the development of innovation in Ukraine", said Director General of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Directorate of Ministry of Education and Science Daria Chayka.

    It is significant that basing on the results of the study, Ukraine will be able to see the weak and strong points of not only of its innovation policy but also of other countries of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

    The UNECE delegation met with representatives of the structural units of the Ministry of Education and Science, who told about the system of research funding in Ukraine. They also dwelt on the activities undertaken to develop the field of innovation and technology transfer.

    In the future, a number of meetings of this format are planned for discussion of the interim results of the review.