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  • Savings under the green tariff amounted to more than UAH 1.5 billion
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 10 November 2020 13:17

    Consumers saved over UAH 1.5 billion in three months due to the reduction in green tariffs in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding and the Law 810-IX, which ensures the implementation of the Memorandum.

    In August, when the reduced tariffs came into force, the savings amounted to UAH 618 million, in September - UAH 541 million, in October - UAH 376 million (excluding VAT).

    Meanwhile, the level of settlements with producers of "green" electricity has significantly increased.

    In August, the guaranteed buyer paid 100% of the sold products - UAH 5.2 billion. In September, producers of green electricity received UAH 4.3 billion, which amounts to 93% of its total value.

    Prior to the signing of the Memorandum and the adoption of the relevant law, the level of settlements did not exceed 5% (in April-July 2020).

    It will be recalled that at the initiative of the Ministry of Energy, the guaranteed buyer was given the opportunity to sell green electricity under bilateral agreements at electronic auctions. In October, the Government adopted the changes proposed by the Ministry, which improve the rules for holding such auctions and are aimed at stabilizing the situation on the electricity market.