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  • Sources of financing of all programs included in the draft State Budget are provided in full, says Denys Shmyhal
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 02 December 2020 16:02

    The draft State Budget for 2021, after revision, has remained realistic for implementation and balanced in terms of revenues and expenditures. All the programs included in it have been provided sources of funding in full amount.

    Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on November 2. He reminded that the Government had submitted it to the Parliament for consideration in the second reading and told about the main priorities of the document.

    "First of all, this is the healthcare sector. Next year we will have record expenditures worth UAH 161 billion. This is by UAH 30 billion more than this year. But almost by UAH 65 billion exceeding the showing in 2019. That is, in fact, in 2 years, funding for medicine will increase by over 60%. Next year, the salaries of all health professionals will be increased by 30%," the Head of Government stressed.

    Denys Shmyhal noted that funding for education will grow by almost UAH 30 billion next year. According to him, that fact will allow for improving the wages of educators by 26%.

    "In addition, support programs for the New Ukrainian School will continue. In fact, 300 educational institutions are to be built and repaired next year," the Prime Minister said.

    Besides, the Head of Government stressed that no social benefits will be reduced next year, and all pensioners are expected to get dincrease pension benefits.

    "I shall explain a critical point: the reduction of the Pension Fund's financing from the budget by UAH 8 billion will be compensated due to the growth of the Fund's own revenues. These earnings will be provided, in particular, due to the growth of the minimum wage," told Denys Shmyhal.

    Apart from that, according to the Prime Minister, the minimum wage will increase to UAH 6,000 starting January 1, while it will grow to UAH 6,500 from December 1 next year.

    "Another important focus of this budget is funding for the fight against coronavirus. A UAH 16 billion resource is provided for the National Health Service. That is, hospitals will be provided with everything necessary. Including oxygen, and medicines, and personal protective equipment," said the Prime Minister.

    According to Denys Shmyhal, an additional UAH 2.6 billion is provided for vaccination against COVID-19. The Government, he added, has embarked on talks with international partners to obtain additional funding for the purchase of the vaccine.

    Prime Minister also stressed that key tax rates such as USC (unified social contribution), PIT (personal income tax), VAT (value-added tax) and military tax on personal income will remain unchanged next year.

    "The growth of budget revenues by more than UAH 100 billion will be ensured primarily due to the recovery and de-shadowing of the economy. And also thanks to the final liquidation of all schemes in the tax and customs services," emphasized Denys Shmyhal.

    The Head of Government stressed that such work is already underway, and it resulted into the fulfillment of the State Budget for January-November by 100%. In November, according to him, the execution of the State Budget amounted to 110%.

    "At that, as of December 1, the Single Treasury Account actually has a UAH 20 billion resource. For example, in 2018 this number made up UAH 17.2 billion," said Denys Shmyhal.

    The Prime Minister emphasized that all payments to the people will be made on a timely basis and in full amount.

    Sources of financing of all programs included in the draft State Budget are provided in full, says Denys Shmyhal