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  • Macro-financial stability, support for businesses and citizens are essential directions: Denys Shmyhal
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 14 March 2023 16:30

    In 2022, the Government found the balance between financing the record budget deficit and helping businesses to survive. This work continues this year, and macro-financial stability and business support are among the key directions included in the Government's Priority Action Plan. This was stated by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at the Gov't session.

    "We must ensure the financing of all critical expenditures. We are working with our partners, we are working on a new programme with the IMF. We are planning large-scale deregulation for business. We will continue to eliminate unnecessary permits and licences," the Head of Government stressed.

    According to the Prime Minister, all major support programmes for small and medium-sized businesses remain in place and are even being expanded: loans within the 5-7-9 program framework, non-refundable grants under the eRobota, portfolio guarantees. Just like last year, the Government will help farmers with sowing, harvesting and storage activities.

    "We will be introducing OECD standards. We are continuing our policy of reducing the role of the state in the economy. This means not only carrying on with small-scale privatisation but also resuming large-scale privatisation to provide incentives for economic recovery," said Denys Shmyhal.

    Social policy and support for citizens in difficult life circumstances are also among the main areas identified in the Government's Priority Action Plan for 2023.

    "We propose a new social contract between the state and the citizen. We will improve the targeting of payments and increase them for those who really need them. We are introducing the principle of guaranteed basic social assistance, which will depend on the level of income and will be aimed at supporting the most vulnerable segments of the population," the Prime Minister said.

    Denys Shmyhal stressed that further digitalisation would make social services more accessible and convenient. Programmes of assistance to internally displaced persons will be extended - it applies to payments, housing and employment. Targeting of payments will be improved through better quality registers.

    "Barrier-free environment. Means for rehabilitation. Support for people with disabilities. All this is what we place emphasis on," the Head of Government stressed.

    Macro-financial stability, support for businesses and citizens are essential directions: Denys Shmyhal