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  • ARMA sells over 32,000 tonnes of seized russian ammonia at auctions
    Asset Recovery and Management Agency, posted 16 January 2023 17:08

    To date, the Asset Recovery and Management Agency has sold over 32,000 tonnes of seized ammonia of russian origin at public auctions.

    More than 27,000 tonnes were sold for almost UAH 913 million, whilst the funds from the last sold batch of 5,000 tonnes have not yet been received on ARMA’s deposit accounts.

    The National Agency uses the funds received from the sale to purchase military bonds, ensuring financing of country’s defense needs in the context of the war with russia.

    It is worth noting that in the case of ammonia, in addition to the price formed as a result of an auction, the buyer must also pay a fee to the electronic platform, a compensation to the state-owned enterprise JSC Odesa Portside Plant for receiving, cooling, storing and shipping raw materials, as well as VAT and customs payments. Thus, the real value of the seized ammonia for buyers is significantly higher than the final sale price based on auction results.