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  • Five countries adopted the experience of Ukraine in drug procurement through international organizations
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 05 June 2018 11:56

    The successful experience of Ukraine in the field of procurement of medicines through international specialized organizations has already been applied by 5 countries. During 2017-2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan signed contracts for the procurement of medicines with the United Nations Development Programme.

    A number of countries in the Eastern European region are planning to conclude contracts in the near future. All these are countries that have  purchased medicines centrally, at the national level, and have recently determined specialized organizations as the best procurement tool.

    Accession of new countries to the mechanism of procurement through international organizations opens new markets for Ukrainian producers: domestic companies will be able to take part in tenders for the supply of medicines to these countries. For example, in the framework of the national program of the Republic of Moldova on struggle against tuberculosis in 2017  Ukrainian-made anti-TB drugs were purchased.