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  • Qualitative changes in the education system are tools for the bright future of the country, claims Volodymyr Groysman
    posted 21 February 2018 11:50

    Introduction of a high standard of living in Ukraine and achievement  of economic breakthrough require fundamental transformations in the education system - from kindergarten to higher educational institution, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement during the session of the Cabinet of Ministers. He stressed the current generations are new people with different way of thinking and they require other standards of education.

    According to the Head of Government, one of the important instrument designed to achieve this goal is increase of confidence and respect for the teacher through changes of working conditions and higher wages.The Government's decision stipulates allocation of almost UAH 1 billion this year for the renewal of primary school, and the growth of teachers’ salaries will be at least 25%.

    "Our children should receive an opportunity to become successful, thus  issues pertaining to education are of paramount  importance. It is impossible to build a prosperous country without qualitative and competitive education," the Prime Minister claimed.

            In this regard Volodymyr Groysman stressed the reform of education is a question of the entire power vertical in Ukraine. Therefore, local governments should to the uttermost be engaged in solving educators' problems and developing education system. "I call on heads of regional state administrations and city mayors to ensure decent wages for teachers! The Government did its utmost. We will return the respect for the teacher in every corner of Ukraine. I commission the Ministry of Education  and Science of Ukraine to monitor the situation in the regions", the Prime Minister underscored.