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  • Ukrainian Embassy in Washington hosted a meeting of the US-Ukraine Business Council’s members with Ukrainian Parliamentarians
    posted 12 February 2018 09:36

    Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valeriy Chaly hosted a meeting of the US-Ukraine Business Council’s members with Ukrainian Parliamentarians. In particular, Artur Gerasymov, Iurii Artemenko, Anton Herashchenko, Oleh Kryshyn, Andrii Shypko, Yurii Solovei, Maksym Yefimov and Oksana Yurynets took part in the event and participated in the frank and open discussion with representatives of the US Government, business and expert community.

    In his remarks the Ambassador underlined current level of mutually beneficial cooperation with the leading American companies and expressed his confidence that further reform implementation in Ukraine will create even better business environment for foreign investors.

    Members of the Rada informed about the importance of ongoing judicial reform in Ukraine, further strengthening of the rule of law and anticorruption efforts, that will have direct influence on business climate in Ukraine. Special attention was paid to recently implemented reforms, including adoption of the law on privatization, that creates new opportunity for doing business in Ukraine. In a further discussion, an issue of the Nord Stream II project was raised as a clearly geopolitical tool that Kremlin is trying to use to divide Europe and increase its dependence from Russian energy resources.

    USUBC President Morgan Williams stressed, that American companies see Ukraine as a promising market and ready for further development of cooperation with our country. At the same time, he noted that additional progress in business climate improvement will bring new US companies to Ukraine with new investments and new technologies.

    Ambassador Valeriy Chaly stressed on the importance of joint coordinated efforts of the Government and Verkhovna Rada to implement ambitious reform’s agenda in Ukraine that will benefit all people of our country and create new business opportunities for US-Ukraine cooperation.