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  • Ukraine and Slovakia enhance transborder cooperation
    posted 23 November 2017 11:09

    http://www.kmu.gov.ua/img/1x1.gifNovember 21-22, 2017, Kaluža, Zemplínska šírava, Slovak Republic, hosted the thirteenth meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Slovak Commission on Cross-Border Cooperation.

    The Ukrainian delegation was led by head of the Ukrainian part of the Commission Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, the Slovak delegation – by head of the Slovak part of the Commission Rudolf Urbanovič, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

    Opening the meeting, Rudolf Urbanovič emphasized on the importance of the Commission for the development of Ukrainian-Slovak relations and underlined the interest of the Slovak side in enhancing effective cooperation with Ukraine.

    In his opening speech, Vyacheslav Nehoda outlined the priority directions and tasks for the Ukrainian-Slovak collaboration, contained in the State Program for the development of cross-border cooperation for 2016-2020, and a range of issues to be considered and resolved by the Commission.

    During the two-day meeting, the Commission considered and determined further actions on a wide range of issues of cross-border cooperation, in particular regulatory framework for joint border and customs control at joint border checkpoints, small border traffic, border infrastructure development at the Ukrainian-Slovak border, inter alia construction, modernization and reconstruction of checkpoints Solomonovo - Čierna and Ulych - Zabridj, introduction of pedestrian and bicycle traffic at the checkpoint to Ukrainian-Slovak border Uzhgorod – Vyšné Nemecké, construction, reconstruction and modernization of drive ways and bridges, implementation of joint measures to planning of infrastructure of international transport and communication corridors.

    On the outcomes of the meeting, the parties signed the Protocol of the Thirteenth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Slovak Commission on Cross-Border Cooperation.

    The Commission’s members decided to hold the next meeting of the Ukrainian-Slovak Commission on the territory of Ukraine.

    As it was reported, Ukrainian-Slovak cross-border cooperation requires accelerated implementation of joint projects.