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  • In Germany, Lieutenant General Serhii Popko holds talks with Chief of Staff of US Army Colonel General Mark A. Milley
    posted 27 October 2017 09:25

    Germany hosts the annual conference of European armies. Commander of the Ukrainian Army Lieutenant General Serhii Popko held talks with Chief of Staff of US Army Colonel General Mark A. Milley and briefed him on current situation in the east of Ukraine.

    The parties agreed the prospects of military cooperation between the armies of the two countries, especially in terms of implementation of the NATO standards.

    General Popko thanked the US party for assistance and support, consultative advisory and material assistance provided by the United States. General Milley reaffirmed the Ukrainian party in full support of the Ukrainian army in training of the Ukrainian soldiers and troops.

    They also focused on joint training of the army units, such as participation in the multinational exercise in 2018 such as in Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 and Combined Resolve exercise.