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  • Prime Minister: Local governments should stand ready to supply the needs of farmers
    posted 24 October 2017 13:55

    Elaborated by the Government agro-sector development support programs provide for access to lending resource and technical upgrading of farms, hence local authorities should be prepared to implement program tasks and meet the needs of agricultural producers. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced this during a meeting of the Regional Development Council.

    He stressed that access to capital is now one of the pillars to promote the development of the real sector. And providing businesses with cheap and long-term loans is the guideline to be achieved, including through amending legislation and securing more reliable guarantees.

    In this regard, the Head of Government reminded that in the draft budget for 2018, the Government includes such tools, and farmers must “be prepared to participate in support programs”. It is about programs of compensation for a portion of the value of agricultural machinery, programs of compensation for loan interests, as well as the possibility of lending for the construction of livestock breeding farms on preferential terms.

    "Take loans, build, buy Ukrainian(equipment of domestic manufacture), create new jobs", urged the Head of Government.


    The draft state budget for 2018 envisages financing of several agrarian sector support programs to the tune of UAH 7.3 billion. In particular, the sum worth UAH 1 billion is planned for the program of compensation of a part of the cost of agricultural machinery produced in Ukraine. Moreover, UAH 1 billion is intended to allot for the assistance program to promote farming, primarily livestock breeding.