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  • Casper and Sauron for Ukrainian Army
    posted 19 October 2017 17:51

    A new system of emergency evacuation of WIA ‘Casper’ and experimental video system of detection and surveillance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) ‘Sauron’ were demonstrated in the Ukrainian Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization.

    Casper was developed by the specialists of the Scientific Communications Centre of the Military Institute, has special software and consists of tracking devices.

    Sauron system ensures online reception, processing, and transfer of video information about UAV and remotely controls video sensors.

    The participants of a three-day seminar discuss and analyze the results and experience of use of communications equipment within the Ukrainian army.

    According to Major General Volodymyr Rapko, Chief of Main Directorate of Communications and Information Systems of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, communications systems and automated command systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine meet the NATO standards.