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  • Prime Minister assures medical reform will not cause the decrease in the number of hospitals
    posted 19 October 2017 20:29

    Medical reform will not lead to a reduction in the number of medical institutions, it's result will be changes in the financing of the health care system, in the quality of service provision and in wages of doctors. The Head of Government told on air of TV channel 1 + 1.

    Volodymyr Groysman emphasized the decision on pension reform should have been taken 26 years ago, because of this the health care system is in decline and added that so called baseless rumors of negative future transformations are being circulated by those who are "satisfied with the current situation in the medical sector."

    «Decions approved today (October 19) will allow to change the situation. We switch from the system of financing neglected hospital buildings to the system of financing the quality of medical services. Thus, we will increase the efficiency of the use of funds and will direct the money for life and health of people», stressed the Prime Minister.

    The Head of Government claimed that several years of serious hard work will be needed in order to achieve the goals. «And I am ready to assume responsibility, to unite people. We will carefully and seriously implement changes», he underlined.

    Apart from that, he recalled the adopted decisions will ensure the continuation of the implementation of Available Medicines program as well as the construction of a network of cardiological centers.

    «I assure the number of hospitals will not be decreased, even more medical and obstetrical stations will be created. We must bring order in rural medicine, in emergency medicine. We will start from changing the situation on the ground and then will comprehensively update the system», undercored the Prime Minister.