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  • Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the Defender's Day
    posted 14 October 2017 09:00

    My fellow compatriots!

    On behalf of the Government I congratulate You on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

    Ukrainian history has had a number of tragic and magnificent pages about the feats and victories of our soldiers. For centuries, the best sons and daughters of the country have defended their homeland from alien intervention. It is them about whom people used to make songs and write novels, poetize in the national epics and legends, whose feats became an integral part of our national history. In our country, it is a tradition that takes its origin in the Cossack times, when the defenders were honored on the Day of the Intercession of the Theotokos, who has always been considered a spiritual guide for the Ukrainian troops.

    Ukraine is once again experiencing hard times. As in previous centuries, Ukrainians are protecting their homeland. We remember the time when, with the onset of hostilities in the east of the country, thousands of National Guard officers, the Armed Forces, volunteer battalions and other military units stood up to defend the country to halt the aggression by Russian-backed terrorists.

    Our defenders with dignity excel the onslaught of the enemy. We must never forget the heroic and tragic pages of this war, which brought sorrow to thousands of Ukrainian homes. The enemy's armed aggression has spawned a new generation of heroes who will forever stay in our memory. In this unfair war, Ukraine is hardening and becoming stronger every day. Over the past four years, the country has been capable of rebuilding by tremendous efforts the completely looted Armed Forces.

    Today, the Ukrainian Army is a powerful modern European army capable of performing the toughest tasks. Pursuing of the reform of the Armed Forces is among the topmost priorities of the Government’s activity aimed to ensure that in the medium term our army meets all basic NATO standards, and Ukraine embarks on its final, deep, de facto integration with the Alliance due to its defense, economic and intellectual capacity.

    I congratulate all our defenders and all Ukrainian citizens on the holiday! I express my deep respect and gratitude to all those who is protecting the country in the East, to those who once again prove that none will manage to demolish and win over Ukrainians! I assure You that a great European future awaits our country and the citizens, and it’s beyond anybody’s power or right to cast any doubt on that!

    Glory to Ukraine!


    Prime Minister of Ukraine                                                           Volodymyr GROYSMAN