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  • Rapid Trident 2017 kicks off in Lviv region
    posted 11 September 2017 18:23

    The International Peacekeeping and Security Centre (Lviv oblast) became a venue for an official opening ceremony of the Rapid Trident 2017 international exercise. Exercise co-directors are Col. Serhii Litvinov (Ukraine) and Col. David Jordan (the USA).

    “Today, your support is very important for us. Experience of our colleagues is valuable for the Ukrainian army. I hope we’ll share our experience with our foreign partners. Our goals coincide and those are to defend, protect, and develop. And it’s easier to achieve it together,” Col. Litvinov stressed.

    About 2,500 troops from 15 countries (Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Georgia, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and the UK) will undergo manoeuvres during two weeks. Rapid Trident is an exercise focusing on implementation of experience of different armies, sharing professional skills, enhancement of cooperation among units of different countries and validating training of units under JMTG-U program.