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  • Prime Minister at a meeting with UWC leadership: Unity of Ukrainians around the globe will contribute to the revival of the country
    posted 01 September 2017 16:47

    The unity of Ukrainians around the globe will be instrumental in reviving of Ukraine and promoting the opportunities of the country abroad. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the course of the meeting with the leaders of the Ukrainian World Congress. This year marks 50 years of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC).

    «You celebrate the 50th anniversary with energy and with a lot of plans, which I am assured, we will jointly implement. We feel your comprehensive support around the world and, in my deep conviction, the UWC is playing an important role. Our common task is to revive and uncover all the capabilities of our country», stressed the Prime Minister.

    He placed a special emphasis to the fact that the Government in synergy with the President and the Parliament makes every effort to enhance the potential of the state. Thus, packages of bills on key reforms, inter alia education, medicine and pension were submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and would be considered at the beginning of the new session. This is a heavy agenda.

    The cooperation with international financial organizations, with the European Union and NATO structures, as well as with the Ukrainian diaspora is also being actively pursued. "We have to be as close as possible to each other. We should open beautiful Ukraine to the world", urged the Prime Minister.