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  • Stepan Poltorak: Our priority is a radical change in officers’ training
    posted 18 August 2017 10:31

    "Our priority is a radical change in the system of officers training at operational-tactical and operational-strategic levels. Certain changes in training have taken place, but not all problems are solved yet," the Minister of Defense said.

    According to the Minister, one of the main tasks of Armed Forces commanders is a careful and qualitative selection of candidates for training: "We need to pay more attention to the selection of officers to be trained, select those who have a sufficient level of skills and knowledge, who can make decisions. It is from such personalities we have to form a commander, a new commander, who will be an authority for his personnel, respected and appreciated by them."

    “We should stop the practice of training officers of operational-tactical and operational-strategic levels in classrooms. They have to be trained during practical classes and exercises,” Stepan Poltorak said.