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  • Ministry of Social Policy: Reassignment of subsidies for upcoming heating season and monetization of part of saved resource compatible with schedule
    posted 26 July 2017 11:31

    The process of reassigning of subsidies for the next period is carried out and sticks to the schedule, thus as of mid-July, an average 75-76% of recipients have been re-registered. Moreover, the data for monetization of subsidies saved during 2016-2017 heating season has been collected as was planned. This was announced by Director of the State Social Assistance Department under the Ministry of Social Policy Vitalii Muzychenko.

    He reminded that year the work on monetization of subsidies is conducted at the initiative of the Government and aimed at encouraging citizens to economize while consuming energy resources. Pursuant to an ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers, based on the results of the previous heating season monetization is assigned in case of electricity savings equivalent to the cost of 150 kW while for natural gas - 100 cubic meters. The maximum amount of money subject for reimbursement makes up UAH 135 UAH for the saved electricity and about UAH 700 for the saved amount of gas.

    "Around 2 million households will be covered by monetization procedure, and by the end of previous week, 48% citizens had applied for funds. On average the sum of payment makes up about UAH 130 for electricity, and about UAH 630 for gas", told Vitalii Muzychenko.

    He urged that the citizens who saved relevant resource should apply before September 1 to the social protection authorities with the relevant application and specify the details of a bank account or post office where reimbursed funds should be transferred.

    "We can now admit it being a pilot version of the monetization that can be viewed in a broader perspective in the future. All goes as planned. Receipt of applications (for monetization) was launched on June 1, and we are half-way through with the process," the official added. “All the expenditures to be covered are available. The Government fulfills the obligations it has assumed. Hence, all those who apply for funds till September will receive them at the beginning of the heating period."

    Vitalii Muzychenko added that the Government retains total control over the process of re-assigning subsidies for the upcoming heating season.

    "By the end of last week, 75-76% of the subsidies for the next heating season have been reassigned, the situation is still uneven across the regions. Some [areas – ed.] have done a better job, some demonstrate worse performance. For example, if we talk about Chernihiv region, the region had completed this work two weeks ago. Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Poltava regions - these regions can boast of 95-99% performance. But there are regions characterized by poor processing level. We can talk about 45-50% completion of the relevant work in Volyn, Luhansk, Mykolayiv, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytsky regions. By the end of month, this work must be finalized. Given the dynamics, we see the situation being improved", summed up Vitalii Muzychenko.