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  • US cadets survey the Multinational Brigade operations in Lublin
    posted 27 June 2017 15:22

    The US Army Cadets hit the ground of the Lithuanian—Polish—Ukrainian Brigade Command to familiarize with procedures, process and aspects of operating in the Multinational Headquarters in the period of 26–30 June, 2017.

    The Cadet Team is led by Lieutenant Colonel Scott Reed and Major Christopher Rosebrock within the US Army Cadet Command — International Programs Divisions. In particular, during the aforementioned week the future officers are visiting the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command and the Multinational HQ Battalion.

    The time spent in the LITPOLUKRBRIG barracks will be extremely beneficial for the visitors. According to Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, the Multinational Brigade acting Commander, the Cadet Team will join the Brigade HQ sections and cells. Every Cadet will have an opportunity to be in the shoes of a LITPOLUKBRIG Command staff officer both in the Operational and Support branches.

    “Frankly speaking, we hospitably open the door and let the US Cadets to see how we function and operate in the multinational environment. Undoubtedly, the Lithuanian—Polish—Ukrainian Brigade Command aims at demonstrating the true values of the collective defense and responsibility of the trilateral unit. We will share our experience and values of the common goal with future officers. We will familiarize them with the role and mission of the Multinational Brigade. At the end of the day it will facilitate to a common vision of mutual friendship and sharing of expertise, and of course, set up future cooperation between LITPOLUKRBRIG and US Army Cadet Command”, summarized Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov.