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  • Prime Minister on the results of yearly Government activities: We have resumed economic growth and began to overhaul the country
    posted 11 April 2017 12:09

    The Government in the course of its yearly work has fulfilled what it promised, in particular stabilized the economic situation, resumed economic growth and began a major overhaul of the country. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman at a press conference dedicated to the results of the yearly activities of the incumbent Government.

    "What we could do in 2016: we managed to implement what we had promised. We assumed the office amid the political, and, consequently, economic crises. For us the topmost objective had been everything we could to stabilize the national economy and resume a growing trend. We succeeded in doing that in 2016", he stressed.

    According to the results of 2016, the Ukrainian economy grew by 2.3%, average nominal wage increased by 35.4%, the local budgets upped by 50% and are expected to rise by 25% more this year. 66 million tons of grain was harvested, and exports amounted to USD15.5 billion. There was accumulated in the budget for 2017 UAH 9 billion to support regional development, which exceeds 1.4 times last year’s showing. For the road repair activities we allocated a threefold amount – UAH 30 billion. Additional subvention for the maintenance of educational and healthcare institutions grew by 14.9 billion. The budget deficit reduced to 3%, compared to 3.75% in 2016. The 2017 inflation forecast is 8.1% versus 12% in 2016 Budget. Overfulfilment of the plan of budget revenues, which brought additional UAH 18 bn, was achieved due to systemic change and legalization of activities of the customs. The launch of the ProZorro electronic public procurement system entailed savings worth UAH 8 billion. The sum worth UAH 150 million was allotted for angiographic equipment for hospitals, which will help save the lives of 3 thousand Ukrainians annually.

    All these numbers are important for the Ukrainian citizens, stressed the Head of Government.

    "Everything produced by the national economy, will be reinvested by us in the quality of lives of Ukrainian citizens", said the Prime Minister.

    Since September the Government had started preparation for 2017, reminded Volodymyr Groysman. He is convinced that "despite the many challenges including those that have been artificially created for us, 2017 has the potential to be the year of the upswing of the national economy and improvement of social standards for our citizens" from which people will benefit. This is the current agenda of the Government.

    Also, the Cabinet of Ministers engages in vigorous activity to renew the country, to modernize infrastructure, and embarked on construction and reconstruction of roads.

    "Our systematic approach will give the opportunity to reconstruct roads, build new schools, clinics, to upgrade the rolling stock of Ukrzaliznytsia, to implement other infrastructure projects. In fact, we have geared up to begin the overhaul of the country. This will require time and resources", stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

    Among the other steps implemented by the Government:

    - State Road Fund has been actually established in 2017 and will be fully launched in 2018. For the repair of roads there has been allocated a threefold amount – UAH 30 billion;

    - a single gas price fixed;

    - in health care sector the Government plans to conduct a medical reform, which will guarantee high quality medical care for the citizens;

    - from 1 April there has been launched government program "Available medicines". There was planned in the budget UAH 500 mln. to reimburse for the cost of drugs;

    - 460 outdated regulations repealed and online registration of business introduced;

    - reform of tax and customs administration is being underway to curb corruption;

    - fiscal decentralization has been implemented. Territorial communities are amalgamating, the reform of the health and education sectors is being held on regional level. The executive authorities are upgraded, the e-governance introduced.

    In 2017 the Government has planned five key reforms that will provide an opportunity to boost the economy and to transform the revenues of the budget in improving the quality of lives of Ukrainian citizens, in particular: a pension reform, the sale of inefficient assets, land reform, which will create conditions for strengthening of the Ukrainian farms, the reforms of education and healthcare sectors.

    "For me as a person this year has been rather challenging. But actually I can see a huge potential in Ukraine, I can see that we can bring about changes, change life and instill faith in the Ukrainian citizens not just in words, but in real actions. I want to encourage everyone to act for the benefit of our Ukraine and to ensure Ukraine take its rightful place on the map of Europe and the world", underscored Volodymyr Groysman.