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  • Procedure of an effective regulation is to become an essential part of creation of the favorable investment climate in Ukraine, says Stepan Kubiv
    posted 13 March 2017 11:27

    A “deregulation day”, which has resulted in the abolition of more than 100 obsolete restrictive regulations, was held at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Friday on the initiative of First Vice Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. In particular, there have been decided to annul 44 acts of the Cabinet of Ministers and other central executive authorities in the sphere of state supervision (control), which in practice would mean a reduction in the number of business inspections by various agencies. These measures of state supervision (control) have lost their applicability or are no longer provided by the last version of the Law of Ukraine "On the basic principles of the state supervision (control) in the field of economic activity”.

    “The excessive regulatory pressure does not facilitate the work of entrepreneurs and does not help the security. The further establishment of effective regulation should become a vital part of creation of the favorable investment climate in Ukraine”, commented on the decision of the Government Stepan Kubiv.

    First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maksym Nefyodov highlighted that a package of deregulatory initiatives that have a significant impact on the business development had been prepared with the help of experts of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) established with the support of the Ministry of Economy and the Group of Strategic Advisors on the Support for Reforms. “Some of the documents will be completely abolished, others – will be revised in such a way to better meet modern requirements. This is a hard and important work, and today we have made a significant contribution in it”, noted Maksym Nefyodov.

    Moreover, the Government agreed on a draft resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, which brings the national lists of dual-use goods into compliance with international practice (in particular, the lists of dual-use goods, adopted in the framework of international export control regimes, the participant of which is Ukraine).

    “The decision provides a more distinctive legal framework for the procedures of customs clearance of goods”, underlined First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Maksym Nefyodov. “This includes, for instance, portable x-ray apparatuses and conventional endoscopes for the import of which there was earlier necessary a separate permit. I emphasize the decision concern not only import but also export of Ukrainian goods, and therefore facilitates the boost of Ukrainian industry. The annual total cost of 53 groups of goods which undergo exemption from excessive control makes up nearly1.8 billion dollars.”

    The Government has also updated the procedure for issuing architectural licenses, eliminating the practice of recognizing illegal the perpetuity of the license. Now the licensing of economic activities concerning the creation of architectural objects shall be implemented pursuant to the procedure determined in the Law of Ukraine “On licensing of certain types of economic activity” which includes the following:

    - the license is not limited in time;

    - the cost of license makes up 1 minimum subsistence wage by the date when a decision of license issuance is made;

    - the list of documents  submitted to a licensing body to obtain the license is regulated by the provisions of  Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of UkraineMatters of Licensing for Construction of Objects of IV and V Categories of the Complexity”, dated 30 March 2016, No.256.