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  • Two million Ukrainians benefitted from visa-free travel to the EU countries
    Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, posted 03 January 2019 10:56

    Two million Ukrainian citizens have already benefitted from the visa-free regime with the EU and the visa-free regime is working. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine posted in the statement.

    The most active movement of Ukrainians is registered at the border checkpoints with Poland (694 thousand crossings), as well as through the air conveyance (674 thousand crossings).

    In addition, Hungarian (248 thousand), Romanian (236 thousand) and Slovak (142 thousand) border checkpoints remain active.

    The analysis shows that Ukrainian citizens are more boldly using the benefits of a visa-free trip, especially from the point of view of the expiration of the validity of pre-issued visas. And if in December 2017 there were registered 36 thousand trips of Ukrainians without a visa, in December 2018 their number was 152 thousand.

    And if the first million Ukrainians crossed the borders with the EU countries in a period of a visa-free travel for almost 13 months, the second million of our compatriots made their trips for 5 months.

    We should stress here that since the beginning of the visa-free travel from June 11, 2017, Ukrainian citizens made 33 million trips to the EU countries, of which 2 million are without visas.

    Apart from that, the forecasts for mass bans of travel of Ukrainians without visas at the border proved to be wrong. The main reasons why European border guards refuse to cross the border are unconfirmed purpose of travel, lack of financial security and exceeding the term of stay.

    Moreover, it should be noted that, within the scope of its competence, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has fulfilled all the tasks set out in the action plan on EU visa liberalization for Ukraine. 157 border crossing points are equipped with biometric controls equipment and connected to Interpol databases, while modern technical tools allow to automatically check all types of biometric documents.