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  • August 1 marks biennial of the “single-stop” procedure at the customs
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 01 August 2018 12:52

    Two years ago, on August 1, the information “single-stop” system was launched at the customs.  

    This  was one of the most important steps aimed to tackle corruption. It minimizes human factor in decisions made by controlling authorities and motivates them to apply European principles in their operations as well as fosters international trade.

    What’s it about?

    The Ministry of Finance developed the set-up and operation concept of the “single-stop” information system. 

    This is an electronic data exchange system enabling various controlling authorities and the customs to automatically exchange information about consignments in the course of their customs clearance. Instead of seals on the paperwork, electronic remarks about the respective control operations are captured in the joint database.

    Currently, 85% of consignments are cleared through the “single-stop” system on the average.

    What comes next?

    The  full implementation of the “single-stop” procedure is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Finance. An important step in the development of this system was the adoption of the Law No. 7010 dd. July 5, 2018 following the initiative of the members of Parliament O.  Kryshyn, N. Yuzhanina and T. Ostrikova. 

    The Ministry of Finance expects the law with the proposals of the President of Ukraine to be examined by the Parliament soon.