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  • Grain Corridor: 15.9 million tonnes of agricultural products shipped from Ukraine
    Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, posted 29 December 2022 18:49

    605 ships have sailed from Ukraine within 150 days since the first vessel departed from Odesa ports under the Grain Corridor. For 28 days of December, 100 ships carrying 3.6 million tonnes of agricultural products left Ukrainian ports. The average number of ships departing daily is now less than 4.

    In total, 15.9 million tonnes of agricultural products have been exported from Ukraine. In particular, 4.7 million tonnes of wheat and 7 million tonnes of corn.

    Export of agricultural products through the Corridor was as follows:

    • August – 1.7 million tonnes,
    • September – 3.9 million tonnes,
    • October – 4.2 million tonnes,
    • November – 2.6 million tonnes,
    • December (as of 28.12) – 3.6 million tonnes.

    Within the framework of the Grain Initiative, 9 ships left Ukraine under this UN program with a cargo of 300,000 tonnes of agricultural products.

    Besides, within the Grain from Ukraine program, 3 ships carrying 80,000 tonnes of wheat have already been sent to needy countries in Africa.