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  • JICA will assist Ukraine in implementing memorandum of understanding on Article 6 of Paris Agreement signed on the sidelines of conference in Tokyo

    Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ruslan Strilets discussed this at a meeting with JICA Senior Vice President Naoki Ando.

    “Together with Naoki Ando, we continued our negotiation process, which began in Kyiv. We also discussed the details of possible cooperation and JICA’s involvement in Ukraine’s projects for the development of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. The Japanese partners expressed interest in deepening cooperation. After signing the memorandum of understanding on cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, we can already develop and implement specific solutions,” Ruslan Strilets said.

    During the meeting, Ruslan Strilets also had the opportunity to meet with Hideki Matsunaga, Head of the JICA Office in Ukraine. The head of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources expressed confidence that the Ministry and the JICA Office in Ukraine will be able to move joint projects forward quickly together, as required in wartime.

    “I am grateful to Japan and our trusted friend, Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda, for their significant contribution to bringing our peoples and organisations closer together. Japan’s contribution to the development of environmental protection is enormous. I am confident that after the Conference for Promotion of Economic Growth and Reconstruction in Tokyo, cooperation will move to a qualitatively new level,” Ruslan Strilets said.