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  • Vlasna Sprava: 15,600 Ukrainians became winners of the programme and will develop their businesses with grants from the state
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 16 April 2024 14:34

    Since the launch of the Vlasna Sprava (Own Business) programme, 15,600 Ukrainians have become winners and will receive microgrants from the state to start or develop their businesses totalling UAH 3.7 billion. The winners of the sixth wave of the programme this year are 573 Ukrainians who will receive UAH 136 million to develop their business. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tetiana Berezhna.

    “Since the launch of the Vlasna Sprava programme, we have already had 15,600 winners, with the state investing a total of UAH 3.7 billion in business development through grants. One in five grants issued is for starting a business. These are more than 3,000 new small and micro enterprises in various industries. Others took grants to scale up their existing businesses, increase the volume and range of products and services. In doing so, these entrepreneurs will create more than 34,000 new jobs in all regions of our country,” said Tetiana Berezhna.

    Among the recipients of the sixth wave of microgrants, 53% are women, 34% are men and 13% are legal entities. More than 75% of them have higher education. Most of the grantees are from Lviv region (76 people), Rivne region (42 people), Ivano-Frankivsk and Vinnytsia regions (40 people each) and the city of Kyiv (62 people). The vast majority of grantees plan to use the microgrant funds to purchase equipment needed to run their business.

    The most popular areas in which the winners of the sixth wave will operate are:

    • wholesale and retail trade, vehicle repair – 198 people;
    • temporary accommodation and catering – 90 people;
    • processing industry – 71 people.

    As a reminder, Ukrainians can receive a microgrant of UAH 50,000 to UAH 250,000 under the Vlasna Sprava programme. The funds can be used to purchase or lease equipment, purchase raw materials and supplies, and rent premises. Both existing entrepreneurs and people with no experience of such activities can receive a microgrant. A prerequisite for receiving funds is the creation of 1-2 jobs, depending on the amount of the grant.

    Information on how to apply for a grant under the Vlasna Sprava programme can be found on the programme’s website at https://vlasnaspravagrant.com.ua.

    The Government’s eRobota project includes grant programmes aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and job creation. These include microgrants for starting or developing one’s own business, grants for veterans and their spouses, grants for setting up and developing processing plants, planting orchards and vineyards, and setting up greenhouses. Applications for all areas of the eRobota programme are submitted through the Diia portal.