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  • The boundaries of the seaports of Kherson, Izmail, Berdyansk and Odesa are fixed, says Vladyslav Kryklii
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 09 December 2020 16:32

    Today, December 9, at its meeting, the Government approved a decision to determine the boundaries of the sea trade ports of Kherson, Izmail, Berdyansk and Odesa.

    This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii.

    "The Government has decided to fix the borders of Kherson, Izmail, Berdyansk and Odesa seaports. This will not only allow to settle the issue of the actual establishment of the geographical boundaries of these facilities but will also have a positive impact on their further activities and development," said the Minister.

    In particular, defining the boundaries of the above ports will allow for the following:

    - to settle the issue of determining the status of single property complexes, including technologically related objects of port infrastructure, within seaports as sea terminals;

    - to resolve the issue of determining whether the business entity has or lacks the status of a port operator (stevedoring company);

    - to create conditions in the ports for legal certainty during the implementation of economic activity of economic entities operating or intending to operate in the ports.

    The boundaries of the port territory are approved in accordance with the Law "On Seaports of Ukraine".

    Vladyslav Kryklii also added that in 2021 the Ministry of Infrastructure will continue to actively implement new concession projects in seaports. Among them are the concession of the passenger complex in the port of Odesa, the concession of berths of the Berdyansk sea port and the port of Izmail.