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  • Vadym Huttsait: Among 206 participating countries, the Ukrainian Olympic team ranks 16th in the total number of medals
    Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, posted 12 August 2021 15:05

    The Ukrainian Olympic team won 19 medals at the Olympics in Tokyo and ranks 16th place in the total number of awards. This was announced by the Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Huttsait during a press conference held today, August 12.

    "I would like to immediately thank every member of the media for their great attention to sports. And also to congratulate our Olympic team on a great result! Just imagine that among 206 participating countries, the Ukrainian Olympic team is 16th in the total number of medals! Every eighth athlete of our national team won a medal, which is much better than the results of the previous Olympics - then 206 athletes brought 11 awards. And today we have 19 medals," Vadym Huttsait emphasized.

    The Minister also added that there are athletes who stopped a step to the awards stand - 23 athletes who won 4-6 places in the finals.

    "To date, all athletes have received a cash prize. Let me remind you that this year Ukrainian athletes receive from the state for winning prizes and medals at the Olympic Games: for "gold" – USD 125,000, for "silver" – USD 80,000, for "bronze" – USD 55,000," Vadym Huttsait added.