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  • More than 700 critical infrastructure facilities damaged in Ukraine since the beginning of full-scale russian invasion: Yevhenii Yenin
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 28 December 2022 11:33

    In total, more than 35,000 facilities have been destroyed as a result of russian attacks. This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevhenii Yenin on the air of the UAtogether telethon.

    “More than 35,000 facilities in Ukraine have been destroyed as a result of russian attacks. Out of almost 30,000 recorded attacks since the invasion, 702 critical infrastructure facilities have been damaged. We are talking about gas pipelines, power substations, bridges,” Yevhenii Yenin said.

    He noted that in just one day the police received information about shelling of 27 settlements.

    “Most attacks were recorded in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. More than 5,000 attacks have been recorded there since the beginning of the war. Kharkiv region suffers the most, with more than 11,700 attacks,” said Yevhenii Yenin.

    The First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs also noted that de-occupation measures continue in Kharkiv region, in particular to identify collaborators.

    “In Kharkiv region, investigators of the National Police have already documented more than 4,500 war crimes, and since the beginning of the invasion this figure has reached more than 52,000 criminal proceedings on the facts of crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine by servicemen of the russian federation and their accomplices. In total, over 2,200 criminal proceedings have been initiated in Ukraine on the facts of cooperation with the aggressor state,” Yevhenii Yenin said.

    Besides, Yevhenii Yenin spoke about the work of Cyberpolice. According to him, Cyberpolice have processed almost 40,000 dossiers on servicemen of the russian army.

    “There are more than 10 projects to collect information about the military of russia and belarus. Cyberpolice is also actively involved in the fight on the information front, one of specific areas is the blocking of enemy disinformation. More than 8,000 russian resources from different spheres have already been blocked. One of the key tasks of the enemy is to create chaos, spread anti-government and anti-military sentiments, attempt to discredit the leadership of the Armed Forces and the State and thus to persuade Ukraine to humiliating negotiations,” said the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.