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  • National Contact Point for the EU's Digital Europe Program designated in Ukraine
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 12 September 2023 17:43

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has designated the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office as the national contact point for the European Union's Digital Europe program (2021-2027).

    The task of the national contact point is to promote the EU's digital policy, provide information and methodological support to potential applicants for the Digital Europe program throughout the entire period of the program, and cooperate with a network of contact points in EU countries.

    "The establishment of a national contact point is an important step that will help even more Ukrainians receive assistance and clarification on how to participate in Digital Europe. From now on, the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office will provide support to those who were interested in the program before but could not understand the conditions on their own. Ukrainian IT businesses, innovation spaces and educational institutions will have even more opportunities to receive funding for their development," said Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration.

    "The setting up of a national contact point in Ukraine will allow Ukrainian potential participants in the Digital Europe program to receive professional advice on the application process. This, in turn, will increase the chances of becoming a winner and joining international projects in the field of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, supercomputers, and digital skills.

    "We will be happy to help potential participants from Ukraine, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, to receive professional advice on the application criteria, preparation of applications and the benefits of participating in grant competitions under the Digital Europe Program. Participation in the Program will not only accelerate digital transformation and economic recovery, but also help accelerate Ukraine's integration into the EU's Digital Single Market," added Andrii Remizov, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office.

    The Digital Europe Program (2021-2027) aims to develop advanced digital skills, introduce digital technologies in enterprises, build digital infrastructure, and make digital services even more accessible to citizens and public institutions in the European Union and associated countries. Ukrainian business entities can participate in the Program's competitions until 2027.