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  • Government approves a draft agreement on the use of part of airspace of Slovakia in the airport of Uzhgorod
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 10 June 2020 14:26

    Today, June 10, at its meeting, the Government has endorsed a draft intergovernmental agreement on the conditions for the use of a designated part of the airspace of the Slovak Republic to service commercial air traffic by Ukrainian carriers at Uzhhorod International Airport. The Cabinet of Ministers authorized the Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii to sign the agreement from the Ukrainian side.

    “Uzhhorod Airport is an air terminal facility that, due to its territorial peculiarities and close location to the border with Slovakia, is forced to receive and send planes using its airspace. Until 2016, air navigation near the airport had been regulated by a relevant intergovernmental agreement. It expired and we engage in vigorous activities to renew these arrangements. In December last year, the content of the agreement was agreed with the Slovak side. We have passed all the internal procedures necessary for signing this agreement, and we hope that Slovakia will do the necessary procedures in the near future,” Vladyslav Kryklii commented on the Government's decision.

    The Minister stressed that through the closure of borders by most countries in connection with COVID-19 pandemic, domestic tourism would remain a priority so far. Therefore, the support of national aviation and the development of regional airports are critical with this view. Hence, on behalf of the Government, the Ministry has already started preparing a project for the construction of an airport in Mukachevo. "For the development of aviation infrastructure in Zakarpattia, the appearance of the air terminal facility is extremely important and expected," Vladyslav Kryklii added.