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  • Government continues to work on resolving the tariff issue, says the Prime Minister
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 February 2021 12:18

    The Government has introduced a compensation mechanism for citizens who have electric heating systems. To this end, the Verkhovna Rada supported the allocation of UAH 1.4 billion. The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada during the Questions Time for the Government on February 19.

    "According to the Ministry of Social Policy, almost 572,000 consumers will receive compensation for electric heating, and the average subsidy will make up about UAH 570," the Prime Minister stressed.

    According to Denys Shmyhal, the Government continues to work persistently to resolve the situation with tariffs. In particular, he noted that the implementation of the Government's 8-step strategy, which is aimed at introducing the most reasonable tariffs in Ukraine, continues.

    "One of the steps of the Government was to set the maximum limit of gas price for the population at UAH 6.99 per cubic meter - from February to the end of the heating season. This is a fair price, and gas supply companies adhere to the appropriate margin and do not set inflated prices," said the Prime Minister.

    The Prime Minister added that in February, the vast majority of natural gas suppliers had informed the Government about the reduction in the price of natural gas for the population, the amount consumed in January this year.

    "The next step of the Government was to reduce distribution tariffs. On January 30, the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission set the maximum tariff at UAH 1.79 for 13 companies," said Denys Shmyhal.

    In addition, according to the Prime Minister, the Government signed a memorandum with city heads on commission of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: "This tool will allow us to maintain the prices of heating and hot water for the population this heating season and will ensure its smooth passage."

    The Head of Government stressed that the memorandum also contains guarantees for the district heating companies to preserve the possible debt burden be transferred to local budgets. Compensatory mechanisms, he said, will allow district heating providers to work smoothly and provide the population with all necessary services.

    "One of the mechanisms that will ensure the sustainable operation of heat suppliers is a delay in payment for natural gas. Thus, we remove any grounds for disruptions in the work of enterprises that provide heat supply services," the Prime Minister stressed.

    Denys Shmyhal also noted that work was underway to launch annual products from gas supply companies, which should be expected this spring. In addition, the Antimonopoly Committee is investigating the abuse of a monopoly position in the gas market.

    Government continues to work on resolving the tariff issue, says the Prime Minister