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  • Government has determined the procedure by which polluting enterprises shall report on the fulfillment of their obligations to reduce air emissions

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a decision according to which, starting next year, polluting enterprises will publish data on air emissions and measures taken to gradually reduce them. All information will be published on the EcoSystem environmental platform of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. Companies are required to submit their reports annually by March 31.

    In this way, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources is gradually implementing the provisions of the Law of Ukraine dated 09.07.2022 No. 2393-IX, which is intended to improve the regulation of pollutant emissions by enterprises.

     Advantages of this solution:

    - All information on the extent to which polluting enterprises will affect the air quality will be freely available on the EcoSystem;

    - The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources and the public will be able to monitor the companies' compliance with the terms of their permits;

    - Enterprises will comply with the terms of permits;

    - Ukraine will fulfill the requirements of the Aarhus Convention on free public access to environmental information.

    "Air pollution is not only about environmental damage, but also about the health of every Ukrainian. Therefore, we must do everything possible to prevent and reduce emissions. The adopted resolution is a significant step on this path. So we continue to improve the situation in the sector and take care of the country's environmentally friendly future," said Ruslan Strilets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.