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  • Ukraine is a strong U.S. partner, especially in energy sector - a meeting of Prime Minister and U.S. Secretary of Energy
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 12 November 2018 10:28

    Ukraine is a strong U.S. partner, and the initiatives of the Ukrainian Government, primarily in the energy sector, send a powerful message to the United States Government and to the American investors. This statement was issued during the meeting between Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman and  U.S. Secretary of Energy  Rick Perry who is visiting Ukraine for the first time.

    The Head of Government placed a special emphasis on the fact that cooperation between Ukraine and the United States is strategic, and collaboration, primarily,  in the energy sector has allowed to confront the energy aggression that Ukraine faced in 2014 after the occupation of Crimea and part of Donbas.

    "Our cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy helped us remain standing in this difficult time. We see wide potential and possibilities to cooperate with the United States. Everything that is connected with production of Ukrainian natural gas, interaction with management of gas and oil infrastructure, increase cooperation in the nuclear field", the Prime Minister stated.

    "I am glad to visit  in Ukraine. And I want to assure - Ukraine is a strong ally of the United States. The initiatives of your Government regarding the liberalization of energy market, the improvement of the licensing procedures, all of those collectively send a powerful message to the United States Government, to the United States private sector. Ukraine is very serious about the reforms and about being an energy center in the world. This message will be very clear," the U.S. Secretary of  Energy  emphasized.

    Rick Perry also stressed that the Trump Administration continues opposition to the Nord Stream 2. "The citizens of Europe, the citizens of Ukraine, in particular, should never be  hostages of energy resources supply from a single source", he underscored,

    In this context, the Head of Government proposed to join efforts to counteract the implementation of this project, and also invited the American side to actively participate in discussing the possibilities of joint management of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, privatization of power assets, and modernization of the coal industry.

    In his turn, the U.S.Secretary of  Energy aired a proposal  to discuss cooperation in gas production. The U.S. is currently the number one oil and gas producing country. Therefore, Ukrainian subsoil and American technology can give a serious economic breakthrough for both countries, as it concerns not only energy supply, but also creation of new jobs and introduction of innovations.

    "Ukraine can become a new story of success. I strongly advocate this. Let's define 2019 as the year of specific actions and concrete projects. We want to be strong, reliable and predictable partner ", Volodymyr Groysman added.

    Ukraine is a strong U.S. partner, especially in energy sector - a meeting of Prime Minister and U.S. Secretary of Energy