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  • Ukraine and Switzerland step up cooperation on sustainable energy development and profitable investment projects

    Head of State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving (SAEE) Serhii Savchuk as a member of the Ukrainian official delegation to Swtizerland  took part in the discussion of new economic opportunities of the two countries' partnerships, including energy efficiency, green energy and energy utilization of garbage.

    Bilateral negotiations took place during the following events , in particular the round table "Ukraine 2019: New Economic Horizons, New Business Opportunities" in Zurich and 12th meeting of the Ukrainian-Swiss Joint Committee in Bern. The partnership between the two countries is promising, because the Swiss economy is one of the most powerful in the world.

    Moreover, Switzerland  has achievements in the "clean" energy sector. In particular, already in 2016 the share of "green" energy in the primary supply of the country amounted to 22%, and the target by 2020 is 24%.

    The Head of SAEE emphasized that Ukraine has also created favorable legislation and market conditions for the development of "green" energy and energy efficiency. As a result, over the past 5 years, a sum worth EUR 2.7 billion was invested in this sector.

    It is important that Switzerland already cooperates with Ukraine, in particular, in bioenergy projects.

    The sides agreed to establish close cooperation with line departments of Switzerland on energy efficiency and renewable energy.