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  • Ukraine joins European Forest Institute: Government endorsed a corresponding decision

    On September 23, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft Law of Ukraine "On Ukraine's Accession to the Convention on the European Forest Institute (EFI)".

    "Accession to the Convention on the EFI will be of value for Ukraine and will influence the policy of the institution. This will contribute to the activation of research potential and effective pooling of available resources of many European countries in the field of forest research and advanced methods and technologies of forest management," said Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Roman Abramovsky.


    The European Forest Institute is an international organisation, established by European States in the form of an association to promote the study of forestry, forests and forest conservation at the European level. According to the Convention on EFI, membership in an organization is acquired at the state level. The Convention on EFI has now been ratified by 26 European countries.