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  • Ukrainian producers are capable of meeting the needs for the production of equipment for humanitarian demining, says Yuliia Svyrydenko
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 07 August 2023 19:14

    Domestic producers are capable of manufacturing a significant amount of machinery and equipment needed for humanitarian demining in Ukraine. This was stated by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economy Yuliia Svyrydenko during a meeting of government officials with representatives of companies that manufacture demining equipment, including Pozhmashyna PE, Research and Production Association “Practika", Cherkassy Bus AT, Ukrainian Armor JSC, and Kharkiv Special Machine Plant SE.

    "Domestic producers have the capabilities to manufacture the machinery and equipment necessary for demining with a high degree of localization of production in Ukraine. They are capable of producing hundreds of units of machinery and other equipment per year to destroy or transport explosive ordnance, transport demining teams, manufacture spare parts and re-equip civilian construction equipment for demining needs. We are determined to make the most of the capabilities of Ukrainian manufacturers to produce such machinery and equipment," said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    In particular, representatives of manufacturers of demining machinery and equipment reported their readiness to produce several dozen heavy pyrotechnic machines with a localization rate of 15% to 50%, up to a thousand vehicles for transporting mine action teams, vehicles for transporting explosive ordnance, trucks, armored loaders, up to 5 units per month of machines for preparing the ground for demining.

    Yuliia Svyrydenko also noted that in August the Government would start preparing the draft budget for the next year and would include funding for the relevant budget program for the purchase of equipment from domestic manufacturers to meet the needs of demining the country's territory.

    The participants of the meeting also talked about accelerating the certification of special mechanized demining machines, re-equipping certain construction equipment for demining machines, and the timing of delivery of finished products to government customers.

    As a reminder, through military aggression by russia, more than 174,000 square kilometers of Ukraine may be potentially contaminated with explosive ordnance. Already this year, Ukraine is set to survey, demine and return to operation up to 35% of agricultural land out of 470,000 hectares identified for priority demining.